February Spotlight

This is Jordyn Sturms.


And here are 5 things about her:

  1. I’m living in a van after graduation
  2. My inspiration in life is Don Miller
  3. I’m in the process of dreads
  4. I try to wake up during sunrises
  5. Mountains and oceans makes me happy (so do turtles and good books)

She loves cold brew with coconut and almond milk.

Her favorite thing about coffee is the smell.

Her favorite part of working at 10:31 Coffee is meeting new people.

November Employee Spotlight

This is Liz Schmidt.


And here’s five little facts about this lovely giraffe of a lady:

  1. My perfect day probably involves a coffee shop and conversations about Jesus
  2. 30-second dance parties get me through the day
  3. I make a killer cup of authentic Indian chai
  4. I’m passionate about taking part in the movement of abolishing modern-day slavery
  5. I’m a book nerd and proud of it

Right now, her favorite drink at 10:31 is the #foreveralone.

Her favorite part of working at a coffee shop is getting to meet new people and hear about people’s day while she make their drink. It’s an awesome privilege to be a light for people!

October Employee Spotlight

This is Nathan Toenjes.


And here are 5 facts about him:

  1. It has been two years since I last cut my hair.
  2. I am a resident of the state of California.
  3. Over the course of my tenure as a broista, I have almost grown to appreciate the taste of coffee.
  4. I lived five young years of my life in a city called Opuwo in Namibia, Africa.
  5. I am not an only child.

Right now, he really likes strawberry-mango iced tea lemonade.

His favorite thing about coffee is the smell and his favorite part of 10:31 Coffee is “the top-notch management.”

Snack Packs


When things start to get busy, the first thing you forget about is a snack.

Try one of our delicious snack packs, and power through your day.

Breakfast – muffin and coffee

Healthy – trail mix and bottle of water

Energy – jerky and energy drink

Sweet – Awake chocolate and hot chocolate

Late Night – cookies and glass of milk

August Employee Spotlight

This is Hannah Oberle.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.00.07 PM

Here are 5 little facts about her:

  1. My obsession with elephants is unreal
  2. I’m always down to wear a good flannel
  3. I am on the volleyball team
  4. I went to Norway and somehow survived Chicago’s airport
  5. I will belt a song out in the car whether someone is with me or not

Right now, her favorite drink at 10:31 Coffee is a raspberry and pomegranate Italian cream soda.

Her favorite thing about coffee is that it makes her happy.

Her favorite thing about working at 10:31 Coffee is that she gets to look creative, when in reality she can barely draw a stick figure.