Snack Packs


When things start to get busy, the first thing you forget about is a snack.

Try one of our delicious snack packs, and power through your day.

Breakfast – muffin and coffee

Healthy – trail mix and bottle of water

Energy – jerky and energy drink

Sweet – Awake chocolate and hot chocolate

Late Night – cookies and glass of milk

August Employee Spotlight

This is Hannah Oberle.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.00.07 PM

Here are 5 little facts about her:

  1. My obsession with elephants is unreal
  2. I’m always down to wear a good flannel
  3. I am on the volleyball team
  4. I went to Norway and somehow survived Chicago’s airport
  5. I will belt a song out in the car whether someone is with me or not

Right now, her favorite drink at 10:31 Coffee is a raspberry and pomegranate Italian cream soda.

Her favorite thing about coffee is that it makes her happy.

Her favorite thing about working at 10:31 Coffee is that she gets to look creative, when in reality she can barely draw a stick figure.

Manager Spotlight

This is Helena Dieckhoff.


She has worked tirelessly at 10:31 Coffee for 3 years, and we’re going to miss her very much.

Here are 5 fantabulous facts about this fantastic and fabulous manager!

  1. I want to live on the beach.
  2. If I could read all day, I would
  3. I love to travel! I want pictures by all 50 state signs.
  4. Tennis and sunbathing are my favorite outdoor activities.
  5. I get to marry my best friend, Dan Stephens, on May 27th!!

Tweet your Sweet, Win a Treat!

It’s almost summer, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with ice cream. So, for the rest of the semester, buy a 10:31 mug and get a free ice cream sundae with Reese’s!

BONUS: You may win a free drink!

Tag us in a tweet with a picture of your Reese’s sundae in your new mug. Each week, the tweet with the most favorites will win a free 10:31 drink!

April Employee Spotlight

This is Ben Browne:


And here are 5 super cool facts about this super cool “bro”ista:

  1. I picked up Aubrey Akerson by asking her if she drinks coffee every single day. Now it’s not every single day, it’s every taken day.
  2. I wear beanies on a daily basis
  3. I enjoy camping and hiking
  4. I love dogs! I have a Great Dane named Zeus
  5. My favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother

New Frappes!

It’s a fresh start at 10:31 Coffee!

We switched frappe powders and we’re hoping you like it as much as we do.

The switch is cutting calories in half, taking out all sugar and saturated fats and making our frappes even creamier and more delicious.

Now you can order any regular drink as a frappe, instead of just a few selected flavors.

There’s also add-ins! Right now, we have Oreos, Reese’s, chocolate chips, walnuts, and coconut. For $0.50, you can add any one of them.

So come to 10:31 and try one today!