December + January Spotlight

Meet Sophie Hoelz. She’s pretty excited to be:

Employee of the Month!

Sophie’s from Milwaukee, and she’s majoring in Psychology + Behavioral Science with Pre-Social Work + Spanish minors.

Here are a few more facts about Sophie:

  • She ate a cow’s hoof in South Africa
  • She does the pentathlon and heptathlon in track
  • Her favorite food is…e v e r y t h i n g.
  • She loves dogs, but her favorite animal is a cow

Her favorite drink is a soy matcha latte.

Her favorite thing about coffee is that it’s coffee.


November Spotlight

Meet Annie Pico:


She’s pretty chill. Here’s some cool facts about her:

Her favorite 10:31 Coffee drink is an iced dirty chai.

  • Jesus is my best friend
  • I’m a flyer on the Bulldog cheer team
  • Yellow is my favorite color
  • I love sharks with my whole heart
  • Also, Taco Bell is life.

Her favorite part about coffee is that it’s magical after morning practice and when trying to finish homework late at night.