December + January Spotlight

Meet Sophie Hoelz. She’s pretty excited to be:

Employee of the Month!

Sophie’s from Milwaukee, and she’s majoring in Psychology + Behavioral Science with Pre-Social Work + Spanish minors.

Here are a few more facts about Sophie:

  • She ate a cow’s hoof in South Africa
  • She does the pentathlon and heptathlon in track
  • Her favorite food is…e v e r y t h i n g.
  • She loves dogs, but her favorite animal is a cow

Her favorite drink is a soy matcha latte.

Her favorite thing about coffee is that it’s coffee.


November Spotlight

Meet Annie Pico:


She’s pretty chill. Here’s some cool facts about her:

Her favorite 10:31 Coffee drink is an iced dirty chai.

  • Jesus is my best friend
  • I’m a flyer on the Bulldog cheer team
  • Yellow is my favorite color
  • I love sharks with my whole heart
  • Also, Taco Bell is life.

Her favorite part about coffee is that it’s magical after morning practice and when trying to finish homework late at night.

October Spotlight

This is Dana Simpkin.


Here’s a few things about her:
  1. My dad is in a Christian biker gang (and is also a white-collar office worker)
  2. I have three cats: Paducah Joe, Quaxo, and URL
  3. I have a freckle on the bottom of my right foot
  4. I am incredibly terrified of whales
  5. When I was 4 apparently I told my mom that someday I would marry a man with “flat eyebrows”

Her favorite 10:31 drink is a Bulldog Buzz (she consumes way too many energy drinks) but in the fall, she loves apple cider.

Her favorite part about working at 10:31 Coffee is people-watching in Jtop.