October 2019 Employee of the Month


He’s new to 10:31, but Joshua Marlatt is doing great things behind the counter! We are glad to have him.

Joshua is from Waconia, MN. He is studying History/Pre-Seminary here at Concordia.

Some fun facts about Joshua include:

1. When I get sad, I like to listen to heavy death metal. I also write my own, please ask me about it.
2. Once, when I was 4, I lost my big toe. Now I have a 3D printed big toe.
3. I only wear hats made in Taiwan.
4. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 16 years old!
5. My favorite place on campus is the new cadaver room in the science building. Hope to see you there!

His favorite thing about working at 10:31 is working on Two Punch Tuesday, because it is the best day ever!

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