November Employee of the Month

Hey guys, It’s about time we announced our November employee of the month. This month we choose to spotlight Tim Oberdieck.


Hometown: Lanesville, IN
Majors/Minors: Christian Education Leadership, Theology, with a Minor in World and Intercultural Studies

Fav 10:31 Drink: Iced Lavender Latte ”

Fav 10:31 Cold Drink: Bulldog Buzz
Fav 10:31 Hot Drink: Blackberry White Chocolate Mocha
Fav thing about Coffee: ah, Caffeine of course
Fav thing about working at 10:31: Interacting

Five short facts:
1. I am studying to be a DCE and planning on serving overseas as a missionary!
2. Contrary to popular belief, no, I am not amish.
3. I’m always down for a Peanut-Butter-and-honey-tortilla-sandwich
4. I am passionate about gluten consumption.
5. I wish I could yodel. That would be cool.”

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